Work sucks: Lessons from Sears + CES

Two dinosaurs of the old economy started 2017 gasping for breath, with at least one of them sure to die. Why? Neither one respects that axiomatic truth we all know intrinsically: Work sucks. Retailers who make their customers do work always get eaten by those that don’t. Cautionary tale Sears and Macy’s announced major store […]


Ad-block blues: a survival guide

Ad blockers? Old news. But their uptake among consumers—10% growth over the past year—isn’t abating, especially among the coveted millennial demographic, where, according to e-marketer, two-thirds block ads. Here’s how smart advertisers & publishers will navigate in 2017 and beyond, according to the tech soothsayers at Mashable and TheNextWeb: Get creative with creative. For ad-blocking […]