If experience is the new brand, CXRM reflects this fundamental shift in the relationship between brands and customers. Once upon a time what we told people about our brand was the biggest influence on how they felt about us. Today a brand is the sum of people’s lived experiences with it. Experience is not only more important than the product, experience is the product.

This requires a new synthesis –one that combines the best of CX and CRM…human-centric design inspired by data and made accountable. CXRM leverages data, human insights and innovation across orchestrated and spontaneous customer journeys, is data led and tech enabled, but thinks of people and experiences first.

What does this mean for customer journeys, many of which are too optimistic and give a false sense of customer-centricity? What does it mean for the depth and relationship channels customers interact with day in and day out? What does it mean for personalization at scale, described by McKinsey as “the Holy Grail of Marketing?” It means CRM and CX are forever entangled and changed by the other. It means we can create and choreograph Journeys of OneTM and understand the ROI of touchpoints. It means we can use tools like ethnography and empathy mapping to define the moments that represent a brand’s biggest opportunities. And we can do this in a way that’s very human based on helping a customer achieve a goal. We can connect human outcomes to business outcomes.

CX and personalization are not trends, they are the new arena of modern marketing. It’s time to combine the tools, the people, the process, and put the customer in the center of their own data-fuelled narrative. It’s time to put a science to the art of CX, and an art to the science of CRM.