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Trust (not greed) is good.

100 years ago, Wall Street was an unregulated bonanza, where regular folks got rich, the rich got richer, and swindlers gorged themselves on the mania that made the era roar. A few financial crises later, and The Wall Street Journal are only half-joking in referring to big banks as “regulated utilities,” in light of the heavy […]


Open wide: This (journey) won’t hurt a bit.

Worried about your “customer relationships?” Don’t be. You don’t have them anyway. That’s one takeaway from Thunderhead research on Customer Experience (CX), in which 59% of respondents characterized their interactions with brands as totally one-way—not relationships at all. The fact is that enterprise-scale transformation toward CX excellence is a sprawling, years long initiative demanding executive […]


Work sucks: Lessons from Sears + CES

Two dinosaurs of the old economy started 2017 gasping for breath, with at least one of them sure to die. Why? Neither one respects that axiomatic truth we all know intrinsically: Work sucks. Retailers who make their customers do work always get eaten by those that don’t. Cautionary tale Sears and Macy’s announced major store […]


Insider's guide to CRM strategy

Insider’s guide to CRM strategy. The Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) Journey. The convergence of CX and CRM creates a lot of interesting new and essential ways to think about audiences. This diagram shows you the 5 most important aspects of creating and managing the ultimate business outcome: customer lifetime value (CLTV). 1) Undecided customers: These […]


Ad-block blues: a survival guide

Ad blockers? Old news. But their uptake among consumers—10% growth over the past year—isn’t abating, especially among the coveted millennial demographic, where, according to e-marketer, two-thirds block ads. Here’s how smart advertisers & publishers will navigate in 2017 and beyond, according to the tech soothsayers at Mashable and TheNextWeb: Get creative with creative. For ad-blocking […]


Start Your Journey to Journey Analytics

Customer Journeys: done. Good job. You’ve envisioned, designed and executed holistic experiences for your customers across their entire journeys with you. Your teams have collaborated to create visibility on each touchpoint. You’re even starting to answer questions at each stage: What are they thinking? How do they feel? What actions are they taking? If all […]



LOYALTY BEYOND THE PROGRAM Structured points and discount programs are great for keeping up but to get ahead companies need to evolve their approach to loyalty programs and strategies with a focus on “unstructured loyalty.” Grounded in customer data and creativity, unstructured loyalty initiatives influence and encourage customer loyalty empiricism and great experiences — without […]


Unstructured Loyalty

HOLISTIC. EMPIRIC. AWESOME. Loyalty isn’t bold enough anymore. It doesn’t draw blood. Doesn’t excite the senses. Too many years spent as an abstract idea of a vague notion of customer devotion. Obliterated from the contemporary marketer psyche by today’s splashier tactics: madtech, programmatic anything, real-time anything, predictive anything, machine learning-anything, software-defined anything. A shame, considering […]


Change is pain

NEUROSCIENCE AND ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE Advanced computer analysis of neural connections and the application of theoretical work linking the brain and the mind give the organizational leader lots to think about. Beyond carrot and stick behaviorism, fMRI’s, PET scans and EEG’s reveal new rules about change and why it hurts when someone moves your cheese. As […]